Navigating Future Climates in Agriculture

In the world of agriculture, understanding and adapting to climate changes is not just important—it’s essential. That’s where My Climate View steps in—a cutting-edge digital tool crafted to guide Australian farmers through the landscape of future climate scenarios.

Shaping Drought Resilience Strategies in Northern Australia

In its commitment to enhancing drought resilience in Northern Australia, the Northern Hub recently conducted online workshops as part of the Hub 2.0 consultation process.

Maximise Your Farm’s Potential: Discover How to Apply for the On-Farm Connectivity Grant

Learn how to prepare your application for the National Farmers’ Federation’s On Farm Connectivity Grant by attending this free webinar.

On Farm Connectivity: Empowering Primary Producers with Rebates on Innovative Equipment

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the agricultural community, the Northern Hub is thrilled to announce the On Farm Connectivity Program.

Small Network Grants: Strengthening Communities Against Drought

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Small Network Grants, a critical initiative supported by the Australian Government to empower community organisations in regional and rural Australia.

The Future Drought Fund Run Drought Resilience Consultations

Calling all Northern Hub stakeholders! Your invaluable insights are crucial in steering the course of drought resilience for our farmers and regional communities.

How to participate in the Northern Hub’s online workshops for drought resilience

The Northern Hub is one of the eight Drought Resilience and Innovation Hubs across Australia that aim to enhance drought resilience and preparedness for farmers and rural communities.

Drones Revolutionise Water Sampling for Northern Territory Farmers

The Northern Hub, funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Innovation Fund, announces a significant milestone in the “Drones for Remote Regions” project.

Empowering Inclusive Development

In the heart of the Northern Territory, Centrefarm’s pioneering Co-Mapping on Country initiative is reshaping the landscape of development.

Future Drought Fund: Long-term Trials of Drought Resilient Farming Practices Grants

Aussie farmers are set to benefit from a long-term investment by the FDF into innovative ways of managing drought and climate change.