Welcome to the Northern Hub’s call for participation in the “Australian Soil Management Survey”. As we strive for a sustainable agricultural future, your insights into soil health and management practices are invaluable. Join us in this pivotal research effort led by Dr. Peter Fisher.

The Survey: A Closer Look
This comprehensive survey targets farmers and professionals in agriculture and natural resource management. With a focus on understanding the current challenges and opportunities in soil management, it includes 24 multi-choice questions, offering space for detailed input. It’s designed to be an insightful 20-minute investment into the future of our soils.

Why Your Participation Matters
Your insights will contribute to a Soil Capacity Gap Analysis for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry. This data will help tailor strategies to improve soil management practices across Australia, addressing issues such as soil degradation, fertility, and sustainable agricultural production.

Impact and Outcomes
The findings will not only shape policies and practices but also guide future funding and scientific endeavours in soil management. This is a chance to have your voice heard and contribute to a national effort in enhancing soil health.

Join Us in This Endeavour
We encourage all our stakeholders to participate and share this survey within their networks. Let’s collaborate to create a resilient and productive agricultural future.

Survey Participation
To take part in the survey, please click here. Your time and insights are greatly appreciated and will pave the way for a sustainable agricultural legacy.

Download the Information Flyer