Northern Hub Projects

The Northern Hub funds a range of projects across northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory that empower land and sea managers to better prepare for climate variation and adopt the latest in agricultural innovation. These projects are run collaboratively through our node members across the north.

The Northern Hub supports a number of initiatives that work towards creating more resilient agricultural operations in the North of Australia. One such project, entitled ‘Restoring Natural Functions in Central Australian Rangeland Catchments‘ aims to improve drought resilience at scale by constructing working demonstrations of landscape rehydration on four pastoral properties located in central Australia.

Drought Projects

At the Northern Hub, we are committed to enhancing the drought resilience of farmers, traditional owners, and communities in the tropical Top End and rangelands. We place a strong emphasis on developing sustainable practices and empowering these groups to better cope with drought conditions.

Innovation Projects

The Agricultural Innovation Hubs Program provides funding to expand existing hubs to increase collaboration, commercialisation and adoption of new innovations. The Northern Hub is a partnership of nine organisations, creating connections and delivering research and knowledge to agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture. There is a focus on facilitating commercialisation, with the Hub consortium having proven capability in this area.

First Nation’s Partnerships

The Northern Hub empowers First Nation communities to enhance their land management practices and achieve self-determination through sustainable agriculture. Our funding programs support employment pathways, co-mapping resources, and sustainable aquaponics systems, as we work together towards a stronger, more resilient future.

Capacity Building

The Northern Hub is dedicated to improving the agricultural sector across the north of Australia. Our focus is on working with industry bodies to build the capacity of the north and support projects that help producers better plan for climate variation and adopt technology that improves production outcomes.