The Hub is undertaking a co-design process to actively involve all stakeholders in the design process of our Activities to help ensure they meet your needs and are usable. The first stage of this process is consultation with partners and key stakeholders. This stage is now complete and participation is closed. We have been asking stakeholders several questions about the issues you face with drought and your current strategies for dealing with drought. We were also looking for your feedback on our proposed Hub Activities which are:

  1. Undertaking an analysis of current programs and activities that are building rural resilience within the region.
  2. Learning more from people in the region to capture lessons-learned and current stakeholder knowledge and strategies for drought adaptation.
  3. Building business resilience across primary industries through improved financial literacy, drought response planning and diversification
  4. Introducing leading practices and technologies in grazing land management for healthier, more productive and resilient rangelands.
  5. Strengthening water security at both property and landscape scales, by enhancing water capture, storage and retention, water use efficiency and crop/pasture varieties

The Hub’s co-design process will not finish with this initial consultation. Our co-design process will be a continuous process throughout the life span of the hub where we will bring stakeholders together (with the knowledge and resources they bring) to continually tweak current strategies and design new strategies to ensure the activities of the hub are delivering useful and useable tools and technology for Northern WA and the Northern Territory.

You can download a more detailed outline of the Hub’s activities.