First Nation’s Projects

At the Northern Hub, we are dedicated to empowering First Nation communities in the region to enhance their land management practices and achieve greater self-determination through sustainable agriculture. Our funding programs support a range of projects that enable First Nation communities to develop employment pathways, co-mapping resources, and sustainable aquaponics systems that produce fish, crustaceans, and vegetables. By working alongside First Nation communities, we strive to build stronger, more resilient futures and promote sustainable practices on their homelands. We are proud to support and collaborate with First Nation communities towards a better future.

Project titleproject lead and partnerssummaryprogress
Supporting Aboriginal WorkforceKimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s AssociationIncreasing Resilience, Capacity and Support in WA’s Aboriginal Pastoral Workforce: The Aboriginal Pastoral Academy (APA) aims to support employment pathways for Aboriginal people in the pastoral industry. This project aims to provide the Aboriginal Pastoral Academy through KPCA tools, knowledge and training for new recruits into the Academy as well as administrative support on the everyday running of APA.
Blue EconomyAnindilyakwa Land CouncilImplementation of an aquaponics system in Alyangula to train (unaccredited) Indigenous people how to grow animal protein and leafy greens as a way to create job pathways for when the GEMCO mine finishes in 10 years gime. This project is being used for the VR experience in the FoodFutures Conference (22-25 May2023)
Co-mapping on CountryCentrefarmThe project aims to hold workshops at Alekarenge and Mataranka to update their maps and to use them to develop two-way governance arrangements that will assist remote First Nations primary producers and communities with communication and decision-making. The workshops will be run by Centrefarm staff in direct liaison with the community at both locations.