Access to knowledge
• Improve the discoverability of available information for producers
• Improve producer access to expertise
• Improve producer capacity to evaluate information from commercial sources
• Understand the implications of climate change and extreme events (e.g., heat) to biological systems (production, biosecurity, weeds, fire risk)
• Indigenous knowledge of landscape and water
• Successful management practices

Improve management
• Assist producers to plan for climatic variation and change
• Assist producers to identify risks and develop strategies for risk mitigation
• Improve producers’ capacity to manage their natural resources for preservation and enhancement
• Improve producers’ capacity to make evidence-based management decisions
• Identify / monitor threats to indigenous production

Enhance forage production and utilisation
• Improve capacity of producers to predict and respond to changing forage availability.
• Improve capacity of producers to maximise long-term forage biomass and nutrition availability
• Develop / identify tools for regional benchmarking of rangeland condition

Improve use of water sources
• Improve the adoption of efficient irrigation practices
• Improve the application of rainwater harvesting

Increase human capacity
• Provide opportunities for producer upskilling and peer-to-peer learning
• Provide professional development opportunities for extension staff
• Identify and address regional gaps in expertise and services