Drought Hub Directors Gather in Katherine to Strengthen Drought Resilience

[Katherine, 1 August] – The Directors of Australia’s Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs will convene in Katherine on 1-2 August for a nation-wide collaboration aimed at enhancing drought resilience in communities. The meeting, hosted by the Northern Hub, will bring together Directors from eight hubs across Australia, funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

The gathering will provide a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices among the Directors. One of the key highlights of the meeting will be the presentation by Centrefarm Aboriginal Horticulture Limited (Centrefarm), an Aboriginal not-for-profit organisation based in Alice Springs, which is funded by the Northern Hub.

Centrefarm’s innovative co-mapping project in the Alekarenge and Mataranka regions will be showcased at the meeting on Wednesday 2 August. This culturally significant initiative involves collaboration with Traditional Custodians to integrate cultural knowledge, stories, sites, biota, and language onto a large canvas map, utilising geospatial data. The co-created maps will serve as a bridge between different knowledge groups and facilitate discussions about climate, weather patterns, and sustainable water use in cross-cultural settings.

Jed Matz, CEO of the Northern Hub, expressed his enthusiasm for Centrefarm’s participation, stating, “Having Centrefarm present their co-mapping project is a significant addition to our Directors’ meeting. It exemplifies the power of integrating traditional knowledge with innovative technologies to build more resilient communities.”

Brody Smith, Project Development Manager for Centrefarm, emphasised the importance of the co-mapping project, stating, “Our co-mapping initiative highlights ecological and cultural relationships, facilitating communication, decision-making, and two-way knowledge exchange. It plays a crucial role in preserving First Nations’ knowledge, fostering sustainable land management practices, and creating resilient communities across Australia.”

During their visit to Katherine, the Directors will also have the privilege of meeting with the operators of Centrefarm and learning more about the co-mapping project’s broader implications for drought resilience. This unique experience will allow them to witness firsthand the power of collaboration and how integrating diverse perspectives can lead to more effective drought resilience strategies.

The national Directors’ meeting, hosted by the Northern Hub, will emphasise the commitment of Australia’s Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs to collaboratively tackle drought challenges, share insights, and create a sustainable future for all Australians.

About Centrefarm:

Centrefarm is a project funded by the Northern Hub, established to provide benefits to Aboriginal Landowners in the Northern Territory through the commercial and sustainable development of their lands. It works closely with the Central and Northern Land Councils to identify commercially viable opportunities on Aboriginal land and develop them as the foundations for new regional economies. Centrefarm plays a vital role in fostering sustainable land management practices while promoting economic growth in various industries, including primary agriculture.