We’re excited to announce the launch of the Small Network Grants, a critical initiative supported by the Australian Government to empower community organisations in regional and rural Australia. The goal? To develop and deliver unique events or initiatives aimed at fortifying community networks and capabilities, ultimately enhancing preparedness for drought.

Investing in the Future

The Small Network Grants are an investment in the future of agriculture-dependent communities. These grants provide the means for identifying and acting upon drought preparedness priorities at a grassroots level, customising strategies that best suit each unique community.

Empowering Communities

With the support of the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, the aim is to bolster regional people and communities, enhancing their ability to withstand the impacts of drought. This initiative strives to facilitate improved communication, social connection, and collaboration within and between communities, strengthening your ability to confront the challenges posed by drought.

Grant Streams and Objectives

There are two streams of grants available in two rounds. The first stream provides a maximum of $20,000, while the second, location-dependent stream allows for a maximum of $50,000. These grants are specifically designed to support simple yet impactful initiatives, fostering stronger connectedness and social capital within communities.

Stream 1

Stream 2

Short-term Outcomes and Long-term Goals

The Small Network Grants seek to drive several short-term outcomes, such as improved access to services, enhanced communication, and a diverse range of community members contributing to drought preparedness activities. These objectives pave the way for long-term goals: stronger connectedness, greater social capital within communities, and enhanced wellbeing and security.

Priorities and Eligibility

The program’s investment priorities include a focus on long-term social connection, community readiness, collaboration with diverse organisations, and engagement with young people and First Nations communities. Organisations eligible to apply must be not-for-profit, supporting activities aligned with building social capital and capability to prepare for future droughts in agriculture-dependent communities.

What Can Be Funded?

The grants will fund diverse initiatives, including networks, community events, training, community infrastructure projects, and learning initiatives that fortify social capital and capability in preparing for future droughts. These initiatives aim to boost community networking, wellbeing, and ultimately, resilience in the face of drought.

What Can’t Be Funded?

While these grants are designed to empower communities, there are certain areas that are ineligible for funding. These include activities outside remote, rural, and regional Australia, projects that support core business of government, solely economic or environmental outcomes, or activities that do not directly strengthen community networking and wellbeing.

Are You Eligible?

To apply, your organisation must be a not-for-profit entity, operating for charitable purposes and offering clear public benefit in remote, rural, or regional Australia. It’s crucial to ensure your application aligns with the outlined eligibility criteria to maximise your chance of being considered.

Final Thoughts

The Small Network Grants mark a significant opportunity for community organisations in regional and rural Australia to empower their communities and build resilience against the impacts of drought. The commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by these initiatives will play a pivotal role in ensuring communities are better prepared and more resilient in the face of future challenges.

For more detailed information and guidelines, please refer to the official Program Guidelines regarding your eligibility or the application process.